Cyrill Ferrari (CH) is a guitarist, composer and improviser. In his main projects "OORT CLOUD", "GORZ" and "LEIB" he focuses on the fusion of his former rock and metal influences with noise, improvisation and contemporary music. He is also part of other bands such as "Hyla Crucifer" and "R E B O D Y" and has toured both in Europe and South America and played at venues and festivals such as: Jazzwerkstatt Bern, Noisefest Leipzig, Frestas Festival Rio de Janeiro, Mugre o Muerte La Plata and many more. In addition to making music, Ferrari also works as a mixing engineer. He has mixed some of his own albums as well as albums by friends. He studied guitar at the HKB in Bern. Ferrari is co-organiser of the SDK concert series in Bern and part of the artist collective "Floating Network", with whom he co-organised the in 2022.